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Usedlens.co.uk allows users to search for used camera and lenses across 50 retailers in the UK at once, results are updated daily.

There is nothing else like this for used camera equipment, it will save photographers a lot time and effort, as well as help drive traffic to lesser known retailers that may need a boost during the current economic hardship we all face #Covid-19.

About Me

My name is Dan, I developed this site during the 2020 covid-19 lockdown.

I am a professional photographer, I photograph school events such as sport, music and theatre as well as weddings. When the lock-down came in March I lost all my bookings, income and had to rely on my wife to pay the mortgage and bills. Thanks love.

The first few weeks of lock-down were quite miserable. With 15 years experience in web development, I applied for many web development jobs with no response. Photography was a recent career change which meant I slipped through the net and was not entitled to the self-employment grant, and of course being self-employed no furlough scheme.

At the time of writing, I do not expect to be able to earn income from my photography until at least September 2020, more likely the New Year 2021. That will be six to nine months without income.

That left me with a lot of time on my hands so I did not waste this opportunity. In between baking bread, making cakes and walking the dogs, I built usedlens.co.uk, and continue to work on it every day.

My own personal website needs some TLC, but if you'd like to see any of my street photography checkout Instagram or some of my other photography on Flickr

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