United States and European Retailer support removed

It is with regret (and relief) that I will be scaling back the site to support UK retailers only, this will reduce site complexity, improving performance and maintenance.

The expansion was halted due to insurmountable issues in adding new retailers, this ambitious plan was also proving not to be performance scalable and detrimental to the maintenance of the site when keeping up with changes to existing retailers.

For example, eBay have moved to a new API, Park Cameras to a new affiliate network and various smaller retailers make changes to their website which breaks the import code I then have to fix.

Without the additional complications of US and Europe, I can concentrate on keeping the site and core retailers in good health.

If you have any feature requests, I will consider them alongside the latest developments.

Thanks for all your continued support, and sorry to those that this affects.

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  1. Understandable. Plus now with Brexit all those import duties makes any non-UK deal not much of a deal anymore!

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